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November 22, 2016

There is a small charge to enjoy many of the episodes of The Debunking Economics Podcast. These are shown as 'Premium' in the track listing. A brief summary of that episode is available for all listeners.

We'd love to make all programmes available free of charge, but we also need to make a living. If the podcast was something we did on the side for no recompense, we just know it would be less regular than it is. Your money will be split between Phil - who produces the program - and Steve, who provides his expertise and insights. Most weeks will feature two shows - normally one theory based and the other a commentary that relates economic theory to current events.

As well as being able to play free content anytime, sign up and enjoy one week's access to all content. If you decide it's not your thing, simply cancel before the week is up.

You'll see how to subscribe to our premium content when you click on any episode marked as such. Or use the pulldown menu on the right hand side of most pages.

Two subscription plans are available:

A monthly recurring charge: £5.49
An annual recurring charge: £49.99

You can cancel at any time and your plan will not be renewed. We cannot refund charges already made, unless a decision is made to finish the podcast. If this happens we will refund your pro-rata for the period outstanding.

We hope you choose to join us and enjoy the discussion. If you don't, there will still be the occasional episode available for everyone. 

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